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#ElectionDay18 (Tuesday, Nov. 6)

Tomorrow is an extremely important day for everyone in our country. If you don’t know, which you should– it’s #ElectionDay18! As the granddaughter of a Civil Rights foot soldier, it’s not only my right, but my civic duty to vote and to inform others surrounding me to do the same.

We have to stop making excuses as to why we can’t go out and vote. People make time for what they want to do, and most of the time it’s an activity that’s not helping to progress forward. I’m just being honest here! Unless you can’t physically make it to the poll tomorrow or you’re not registered, there is no excuse to skip tomorrow’s election day process. I think about all of the stories my grandparents told me growing up, and what all they and their peers had to endure just to have that right! It’s really troublesome to me that majority of this generation and several of our predecessors don’t see it as beneficial when in-fact it affects them the most.

There’s so much division between us all, but many are not taking the efforts to make a difference. You can’t complain about your situation if you aren’t going to take action. Faith without works is dead #NullAndVoid! The only way we’re going to make progress is if we do something about it. My prayer is that people open their eyes and realize that this is pretty serious. I’m not telling you who to vote for, but at least exercise your right to do so. And even if you feel as just a number, remember that your voice does matter. At least you can have that feeling of knowing that you did your part to help.

This week, as in tomorrow, schedule out time to go vote – that’s most likely one hour of your day and you spend more time than that perusing through social media. You have until 7pm tomorrow night!! Stand up for what you believe in, take the action and help make a difference.

Sending love and positive vibes your way! Yvonne Camille

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