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#LevelUp...But, Can You Handle It?

It may sound enticing to finally make it over into that next level you’ve been praying and working so hard to reach, but can you handle the territory that comes along with it? Each time we’re advanced to the next level of life, a new version of ourselves is demanded of us – “To whom much is given, much is required.” Stretching to that new version of yourself is painful, and sometimes so uncomfortable to the point where it might not even feel like you’ve reached your definition of success.

People tend to glamorize the "lavish" lifestyles and constant wins of others, but don’t fully understand what all went into it for them to reach that point. You don’t see them rising early every morning to fit in a workout, putting in extra hours at night to complete those proposals, sacrificing weekends to study for that certification, missing their kid's school play to catch a flight for a once-in-a-lifetime contract meeting or hurting because some friends and family dropped-off for not believing in them. Reaching the "success-mecca" is definitely not for the weary.

This month, I had the pleasure of hearing the chief marketing officer of Endeavor, Bozoma Saint John, speak at a local conference in my city. She briefly spoke on this topic of “making it to the next level” and how people only glorify the seen glamorous side of things. Saint John’s statement in her Forbes Africa feature-article lifts that glamorous stigma:

“If you want to shine like a diamond, you have to be willing to get cut and there has been lots of cuts along the way, in small ways and in big ways,” said Saint John. “The small ways are about the micro aggression; the comments people make about you and the doubts about your talent; the assertion that your greatness is by accident. It takes a toll on you and your spirit and your self-confidence.”

And there it is. The part where both your spirit and self-confidence are attacked. I asked earlier, “can you handle it?” The answer is; of course you can, but the key question is, “are you willing?” Be careful of what you ask for in prayer because understand that a new line of commitment to the passion and greater attacks is waiting for you as well. However, you can certainly take it on with grit, grace, persistence and self-determination. It’s an ongoing fight, but one that’s absolutely worth it and only equipped for the strong-minded.

This week, appreciate the level that you’re currently on and don’t be in such a rush to make it to the next phase. In the words of our dancing sister CiCi, "Graduate your level." Maybe God has you hidden there until you’re fully pruned and prepared to appropriately handle what’s to come. Be patient and keep grinding, your time is rapidly approaching; and when it does, you'll be more than capable.

Sending love and positive vibes your way! Yvonne Camille

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