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Mornings Matter: Five Ways I Start My Day

Updated: Aug 16, 2018

There’s something about the morning that gives me a sense of hope and determination. I have another opportunity at being better than yesterday and to prepare for an even better tomorrow. The first hour of your day is the most important; it essentially sets the precedent for how the remainder of your day will flow. It's by no means easy, but who said the road to greatness would be? Of course there are many mornings when I'm NOT feeling it at all, but those are the days when I push my way through. I love this quote from former NBA player, Kobe Bryant during his ESPY's award speech:

“We’re not on this stage just because of talent or ability.” Bryant said.

“We’re up here because of 4 a.m. We’re up here because of two-a-days or five-a-days.

We’re up here because we had a dream and let nothing stand in our way. If anything tried to bring us down, we used it to make us stronger."

Bryant talks about your "4 a.m." and what does that mean to you - what are you doing in your 24hrs. that sets you apart from others? And for me, one of those things is waking up earlier than the usual. Here are five (out of a few more) things I do in the mornings prior to starting my work day that you can start doing as well:

1.Give Thanks - start the day with gratitude; you'll be more appreciative throughout your day. Spend some quiet time with God and write down one thing you're thankful for that morning. I typically do this before physically getting out of the bed; I keep a notebook on my nightstand to write down my dreams, goals for the day, etc.

2. Make My Bed - I literally cannot leave the house without doing this. If I miss a morning, it's because I'm in a serious rush. Nothing like coming home to a freshly made bed. This habit may seem minor, but it represents order and structure for my day.

3. Get Sweaty - a challenging workout gets your blood flowing and gives you a sense of accomplishment before the real daily tasks start to roll through. *Disclaimer* I workout 3-to-4 days a week in the mornings, not everyday of the week.

4.Listen to a motivational podcast or sermon - fill your spirit with positivity and inspiration; you need to look at your day from all positive angles.

5. Check bank accounts - get in the habit of checking your accounts in the morning to be aware of any suspicious activity, and to feel good about one of the many reasons why you go so hard!! You're blessed to have a job/career!

This week, try to wake up an hour earlier than your normal. JUST GET YOUR FEET ON THE FLOOR! Remember, success is intentional (another post to come)! If you want better, then you have to start from somewhere. Friends, it’s time to open those eyes and #RiseAndGrind!

Sending love and positive vibes your way!

Yvonne Camille

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