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Reclaiming your Time in 2019

One of the biggest lessons I learned in 2018 is that time is more valuable than money. Yes, I’ve heard this cliche before, but it hadn’t honestly hit me until last year. We’ve all uttered similar phrases such as “there isn’t enough time in a day” or “how did ‘so and so’ accomplish that? I wish I had more time like them.” #SpoilerAlert – YOU DO!

The billionaire and the beggar both have 24 hrs. in a day. Time cannot be stopped, but you can control how you use it. The same way we manage our money should be the same way we manage our time.

How are you using your time effectively? Are you watching tv every day after work or spending countless meaningless hours on social media? That time can be used towards reading a book in your field to help you grow, listening to an online webinar or going to the gym to reach your 2019 goal.

This might also hit you hard, but even down to evaluating all relationships in your life. Are there some relationships you need to let go of, not because it’s toxic or abusive, but because it isn’t beneficial either way? Are the people in your life helping to better you, move you forward, and vice versa? What can you honestly say you gained after linking up with certain friends? Is the love being shared mutually?

Time is there to help us measure the purpose of our lives. If it wasn’t important, God wouldn’t have created it for us to utilize. This is why I’m extremely mindful of how I use mine now. I’m mindful of who I let into my space and what I give my energy to. Learn to let offenses go. People make mistakes, get over it. It isn’t a beneficial usage of your time. You have goals to accomplish, friend! What can you do now instead of waiting for tomorrow? #NoExcuses it’s time for new levels in 2k19.

This week evaluate how you manage your time daily and weekly. Here’s an article from Fast Company on 5 tips to help you do that. Time is a blessing or a curse depending on how you manage it. You can’t change the past, but you can better prepare for the future. What you become is totally dependent on how you manage your time.

Go be great this year and crush your goals. I’m cheering for you.

Sending love and positive vibes your way! Yvonne Camille

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