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The Path to Great Leadership

A great leader is someone who can not only perform well, but can also teach others along the way. Throughout history, we've associated the word “leader” with superior titles. A title is merely just that, a title. Most people who are fascinated with the idea of titles usually end up on a power-trip and fall quicker than they arrived. Leadership is not a position or title, but more so someone leading by example. 

Leaders take responsibility for their actions and the actions of others. They take it upon themselves to invest in the growth and development of the people whom they’re connected to – whether it be friends, family, colleagues, etc. They honestly want to see you succeed.

Leaders have no issues with seeing others climb the ladder because they understand that there is a "land of plenty." They will provide the recipe, but they understand that no one can make their special sauce. As people grow, they’ll add their own flavors, which is the overall point of leadership. “Helping others to find their own purpose.”

Last month, I attended a luncheon where the keynote speaker discussed characteristics of an effective leader. Here are a few ways to know if you’re on the path to becoming a great leader for success:

· People are insecure, so give them confidence.

· People like to feel special, so honor them.

· People look for a better tomorrow, so give them hope.

· People need to be understood. Do you know the keys to their heart?

· People like direction, so navigate for them.

· People are emotional, so encourage them.

· People want to succeed, so help them win.

A great leader can lead various groups, wear multiple hats and thrive in any environment. I’m not all the way there, but I do know for sure that I’m on the road to one day becoming a great leader. By being an observer, one thing I’ve learned over the years is that great leadership is more about what you do and how you handle situations vs. what you say.

This week, practice leadership skills by serving someone other than yourself. Actively listen and be an example to those around you. If you're in a position of superiority; don't tell people what to do, but show them how it's done.

Sending love and positive vibes your way! Yvonne Camille

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