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Netflix, Quarantine & Chill

If you’re anything like myself – a high-functioning individual, then this quarantine lifestyle might be taking a mental toll on you as well. Not that this situation is ideal for anyone – because we’ve all been affected in some form – but us high-functioning individuals are really feeling some type of way.

Like many, I have been WFH’ing (Working from Home) and have accepted the new normal of all meetings being held via a Zoom conference call. Although I am grateful to still be working in a career that I love and learning about all things crisis communication – specifically pertaining to the coronavirus – my emotions have been on a rollercoaster.

If you’re stuck between “I need to rest” and “I need to go even harder,” then the following tips will help you in the same way it has helped me to cope over these past few weeks.

1. Still make your daily to-do list Since you’re out of your normal routine, continue to make your daily to-do list. It can be as simple as adding “Vacuum the front room at 2pm.” This will help to prioritize your thoughts and still add that sense of structure to your day.

2. Make up your bed and open the blinds Even though I’m not leaving the house, I’m still making my bed every morning. This adds order to your day. And letting in natural sunlight just makes you feel better and brighter.

3. Journal – I love to write so this is easy for me, but something about writing out how you feel pen-to-paper is a forever healing therapy session.

4. Create a daily gratitude list – I used to keep a daily ongoing list of what I was grateful for, but then I stopped. Oh, because you know #LIFE. I started it back up and it makes me feel so much more appreciative even through this crazy pandemic. Negative thoughts will always try to bombard you, but that’s only if you allow it. Focus on gratitude and negativity can’t stay.

5. Declutter your space – There’s nothing like a clean space. If you’re going to be sitting in the house every day all day, make sure it’s a clean and comfortable space that you can enjoy. I’ve been reorganizing certain spaces and throwing away things and I feel lighter as a person. One of my mentors used to always tell me, “A cluttered space is a cluttered mind.” Use this time to declutter your space and welcome in the newness life has to offer. #GetRidOfTheClutter and that includes people too. *insert wink emoji*

6. Move your body – Just because the gyms are closed, it doesn’t mean you can’t still sweat. Be creative with your workouts at home and get your heart rate up. We have too many technology devices to not continue our workouts. Or even take a walk in your neighborhood. It’s good for your overall health and wellness and no one has time for the #Quarantine15. Summer is still upon us friends.

7. Carve out “ME” time – Being a high-functioning individual, I feel that I have to “earn” my rest and that’s completely not true. If you want to sit on the couch and binge watch a Netflix series one day, then that’s completely fine. Just make sure it’s in moderation. I usually use my me time to read a book, color in my adult coloring book or face mask and listen to music, etc. Whatever helps you to relax, incorporate it into your day.

8. Find an accountability partner - Whether it is your bestie, sister, brother, neighbor, roommate, etc. Connect with your one person or tribe who will hold your hand through this storm. This person(s) should ultimately have the same mindset as you and advocate for forward movement. Let’s be honest, every day isn’t going to be ideal, but having your trusted love one to check in makes things a little less stressful.

These are uncertain times for us all, but with a little discipline and grateful hearts, we’ll get through it for sure. I’ll be 30 in a couple of weeks so I can say that I’ve personally been through some rough seasons on my journey, but each and every time God held my hand and guided me through it all.

Lastly, #ShoutOut to all of the medical professionals and other essential front-liners who are making a difference in our world every single day. You all ROCK!

Hang in their friends.

Sending love and positive vibes your way,

Yvonne Camille

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