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5 Things to take into 2019

Every year we hear our family and peers state what they’re leaving behind in that year, but I want to take a different approach and discuss what we should bring over. Often, we focus so much on what hasn’t happened or who hurt us that we don’t look around and acknowledge what has gone right and who was there to genuinely love us through it all.

Moving forward into 2019, I only want to focus on the NOW and how it can help benefit me for the future.

Here are 5 things to take into 2019:

1. Forgiveness – This is a tough one, but ultimately, forgiveness is for you and your state of peace rather than the situation or person(s) who in your perception hurt you. At some point, we all make mistakes, and we have to realize that everything happens to teach us a lesson, whether it be for you, them or both parties. If it’s in God’s will, it’ll circle back around in a better place, and if not, learn to be at peace with that.

2. Gratitude – When we show sincere gratefulness, that’s when the blessings really start to flow. I recently shared my testimony on my new job and how I was so excited. Yesterday, I was organizing my office and almost got teary-eyed because I thought to myself, “Wow, this is actually happening. This is what I prayed for.” Don’t get so caught up in what hasn’t happened but be thankful for what has already manifested. Every night I write out three things that I’m grateful for that day. Try this and you’ll be more appreciative.

3. Peace – God has really been working on me with this one. As mentioned in previous posts, I sometimes can be a bit internally anxious. I’ll look like everything is fine on the outside, but on the inside, I’m shooting fireworks! We have to come to a place where we take it step-by-step. Worrying will not change a thing. Do your best and leave the rest in God’s hands.

4. Humbleness – Last month, I picked up a second job at a retail store in addition to my new full-time job. I’ve always had two jobs, so it wasn’t a big deal, or so I thought, because this time my eyes were opened in a different perspective. We have so much to be thankful for. What is little to you may be big to someone else. Sometimes God will place us around others to see the world from all angles so that we may truly humble ourselves and to be a guiding light where others may only see darkness.

5. Love – At the end of the day, love is what gives us the will to forgive, be humble, show gratitude and have peace. We can say that we want a better year all day long, but if we don’t demonstrate love in addition to our will to succeed, then it’s all voided. Love is the core of all things great. Realize when people genuinely love you because those are your true people. Love heals all and God is love.

This week reflect on the positive aspects from this year. And if you can’t think of anything, reflect on the fact that you’re breathing and still alive. Because if you’re still here then you have an unfulfilled destiny for your life. That alone should put a smile on your face. I know life isn’t easy, but through the process we find our true purpose and the strength to keep pushing.

Cheers to an abundant year of great health, prosperity, healthy relationships and peace that surpasses our understanding.

Sending love and positive vibes your way! Yvonne Camille

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