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Keep Digging Until the Light Comes!

Part of my weekly routine is listening to various podcasts. I love to read, but often find myself drifting off once I’m comfortably in the bed after a long day at work, so I use podcasts as my brain-stimulation backup. Out of my top five podcasts, one of my favorites to listen to is Oprah’s Master Class – a podcast where listeners can hear the real stories and lessons from some of the world’s biggest voices in the entertainment industry.

Oprah’s latest guest feature was Kevin Hart. We all know who he is – self-made millionaire comedian and actor. I love some Kevin Hart – not because of his comedic ways, but because of his hustle and grind; I can definitely 100% respect it. His story, like others in the entertainment industry, starts off really rough – like rock bottom rough. It’s typical and expected, but what differentiates the ones who make it vs. the ones who don’t is that persistency mindset to keep digging.

“Whatever you’re choosing, stay true to it,” said Kevin Hart. “There’s a light at the end of the tunnel. It’s just are you strong enough to keep digging until that light comes or do you give up half-way through?”

Majority of the time, people give up right before their breakthrough. It’s not easy, but you have to stay consistent and determined through it all! At some point it doesn’t even matter what others think or feel about you; it’s up to your willingness to make it happen. This year has taught me that I can’t depend on the assurance of others believing in me, but I have to believe it for myself.

I speak on this often, but that’s the purpose of my blog – to inspire others to keep pushing forward. This week, no matter what it may look like, keep digging. Hold on to it and don’t let it go; and one day soon you’ll finally see the light shining. Once it’s over, you’ll come out resilient and much stronger than ever before. You got this!

Sending love and positive vibes your way! Yvonne Camille

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