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Stop. Breathe. Release. Trust.

Today's post will be more of a venting session which will most likely relate to all. For me, I came into 2019 swinging - actually, I've been swinging really hard since September of last year, and last week it all finally caught up to me. Often times we can be going so hard that we don't even take the time to stop and breathe.

I hadn't honestly realized that I was going nonstop - from leaving one job in October to starting a new one in November (with only a short weekend in between to prepare and switch gears). I had to decompress 5 years worth of knowledge of my various clients to learning a completely new way of doing things on a daily. Of course I was excited (still am by the way), but now that it's the beginning of a new year things are really starting to move. And not to mention just the everyday life tasks/obstacles we all deal with. Your girl started to physically feel it.

So last week I caught a "simple" cold, but I felt so bad that I missed work. Let me tell you that I was #EXHAUSTED! I can't even tell you how long I'd slept. Being sick mixed with exhaustion that you don't even realize you have will make your body say "You need to chill out!"

However, during my time getting myself back in order for the following week, I thought about everything that I'd prayed for last year, how hard I'd worked, what mental obstacles I overcame and it hit me that when we ask God to grow us in certain areas, it doesn't always necessarily come the way we want it. He will stretch you and it will feel like you're about to burst, and if you can't handle it you most definitely will pop.

I asked God for increase in every area of my life, and sure enough that's what I'm getting, just not in the way I expected. These last couple of weeks, I've made a declaration to stop, breathe, release and just trust this year with no questions asked. Because when I look back on every challenge faced from big to small, there isn't one that I hadn't gotten through without the help of God's grace. I can't do it all myself - and if I try to, I'll clearly get exhausted.

This week take a chill pill and know that everything and I mean it, always works out! It may not be what you want, but it always works out for your good. Go above and beyond, but also take care of yourself, be present and don't get caught up in the hype of "grinding all day and night" - it isn't healthy mentally, physically or emotionally. Stop, breathe, release and trust so that you can be ready to handle the new season you've just entered.

Sending love and positive vibes your way! Yvonne Camille

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