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Women Empowering Women ft. Gabbrielle Steele

Updated: Feb 20, 2019

When we think about our #Dirty30 birthday, we want to go all out and big – whether it be throwing a huge party or planning a destination trip to a Caribbean island with our girls. Well, one of my good college friends, Gabbrielle Steele, decided to do something different for her 30th birthday. She planned a Women’s Empowerment Brunch with all of her closest family members and girlfriends. How self-less is that? She not only hosted the brunch, but also gave away a $500 book scholarship to a graduating high school senior along with other goodie giveaways to the other high school student applicants.

I was thrilled to be a part of the festivities and was super inspired after attending. One thing that my family has always instilled in me was to uplift others around me. I’ve always supported and cheered my friends on no matter what I was personally going through in my life. I always want to see my family and friends excel and make a difference – that’s just who I am.

And this is why I find it highly irritating when I see other women belittling other women who are trying to make it as well. One thing that gets me going is a pretentious and condescending individual. Just by helping another will not dim your shine, but only make you shine brighter. What people have to realize is that we’re all out here doing our thing and trying to make it, and regardless of what some else has going on, your gift will make room for you no matter how many are striving to do the same thing. And at the end of the day, if it’s meant for that person to make it, they will whether you help them out or not!

This isn’t a feature Thursday, but I decided to ask Gabbrielle what was the thinking process behind her event:

YC: Why do you think it's important for women to empower one another?

Gabbi: Empower is defined as “making someone stronger and confident” and I feel like it is something that we all need. The first step in living an empowering life is to surround yourself with other empowered and motivated women. In life, we as women are faced with many life situations and at times, we may feel discouraged, overwhelmed, and uninspired and no one can truly relate to you and your situation better than another woman.

As little girls we are raised to be a strong woman and at times being strong is not always as easy as it may seem. As a result of us being raised to be strong we know how to maintain our image on the outside when inside we may feel broken or discouraged. Because we never know what the next woman is facing, we don’t rarely understand how much it really means to tell other women you are praying for them or you are proud of them would make them feel. My mottos is “Empowered Women, Empower Women” and with that being said look out world because we are a force to be reckoned with.

YC: What is your take on women who hold back from lifting others up? Do you believe it's an insecure issue, wanting all attention for themselves, etc.?

Gabbi: In order for a woman to uplift another woman they themselves have to be at a good place in their own lives. In today’s society, social media plays a major role in how not just women but how the world perceives themselves. Social media makes us feel like we are “supposed” to be at a certain place in our lives because a person that may be your same age is at a certain place in theirs. As a result of that us women have a hard time congratulating the next woman because of it. I tell my friends all that time that nothing in life happens on our timing. God has a plan and timeline for each of us and it’s not all the same.

We have to know that it is okay to support and motivate one another, it is okay to check on your strong friend, it is okay to like her status on social media, it is okay to share her post on social media, it is okay to tell her congrats on her new job, her new business venture, her engagement, her new baby, her new house. We have to know that we don’t have to dim someone else’s light to make ours shine. We all can win!!!

YC: How do you feel when you help out your “sisters?”

Gabbi: I have many female friends that reach out to me for advice or words of encouragement about situations and life events that they are faced with and when they do it brings out a sense of compassion and concern out of me. I’m the “Honest” sister-friend, the sister-friend that tells you the truth with no sugar-coating. Being honest in my opinion about different life situations is the only way that I feel like I’m truly helping my sister out. I have never wanted to be that sister-friend that told you what you wanted to hear or uphold you in situations that I didn’t honestly feel were right.

Thanks, Gabbi for sharing your insights on the topic of Women Empowering Women!

This week reach out and encourage someone you know doing their thing. Provide some knowledge instead of holding back. Don’t block your blessings trying to keep it all for yourself.

Lend a helping hand, receive a helping hand.

Sending love and positive vibes your way! Yvonne Camille

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